A levada is an irrigation channel or aqueduct specific to the Portugese island of Madeira. They were created from the sixteenth century to carry water across the island from the mountainous west and northwest of the island to the drier southeast, which is more conducive to habitation and agriculture
The total levadas network extends over 2150 km in this island 57 km long, 23km wide in the widest point.

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Engadin Valley, Switzerland, 46° 32′ 58.92″ N, 9° 53′ 45.24″ E

Engadine is a long valley in the Swiss Alps located in the canton of Graubünden in southeast Switzerland. It follows the route of the Inn River from its headwaters at Maloja Pass running northeast until the Inn flows into Austria one hundred kilometers downstream. The Engadin is protected by high mountains on all sides and is famous for its sunny climate, beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities.



inside al 3oqba, (Kairouan mosque)

Bushra Ferjani



A traditional Nubian house

بيت نوبي



Yoruba traditional architecture showing an inpluvial courtyard!

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