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really cool really useful!!!

I did a rough translation!! it’s really rough I apologise if anything is wrong!!


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Horses in movement, from The Art of Animal Drawing by Ken Hultgren

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say you drew a box and you want this box to become, I don’t know, a building:


and you want to divide the sides of the box in half, so you can know where to put the windows and doors and whatever! if you eyeball it, you’re probably going to miss the halfway point, and it will look stupid:


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I just downloaded SketchBook Copic Edition. AND IT’S REALLY GREAT!
The interface it’s like the other SketchBook programs but I love how the colors can be blended and treated almost like real Copic markers!, I’m exited.

I’m sharing my first drawing here so it’s not so cool…but I’ll be practicing a lot with this thing.
The download it’s easy and you can find the program for free in the AppStore, here: DOWNLOAD

Hope you guys enjoy the program as much as I did!


http://copic.jp/en/sketchbook-ce.html And a link for Windows users.

This is pretty interesting. Gonna play with it tonight perhaps.

things 2 remember about drawin not wyt fok


  • fuck that porcelain shit do u hear me their skin isnt some weird ass transparent balloon like that shit u see on powder 

    hell naw 
    i best not see no crazy ass red undertones unless hombre need to get xie ass to sudafed asile 5 
  • ashiness is a thing
    like u think im fuckin w u but do u understand if someone is, say, crossing a fucking desert, the motherfucker will not look like a fucking sunkissed babe
  • learn to draw/paint more than that feathery thin bullshit u fuckin plebe
    nobody image
    else image
    has image
    that image
    shit image
  •  keep ur blu veins to urself and regina honey
  • tell urself every single time the notion that thin noses that are big outwardly/stick out the face is the default is actually statistically speaking the minority situ8ion 
  • body hair and wrinkles 
  • yes ma’am image
  • no ma’am  image

  • get your sorry ass out the fuckin resources tag on deviantart imma save u the trouble right the fuck now u better +watch a motherfuckin window or some shyt and +like some spike lee if u want some damn help

    like bitch u know damn well this all u gon get
  • dont even play
  • literally all i said up there can be wrong in some cases like forreal study people or ull get it wrong 
  • image image 

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